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Line Kramer 13/12/09 – 08/03/10


“While I’m trying to make simple paintings, I find myself in this mad
diversity’ and wonder if this isn’t the result of simpleness after all?”
As Line Kramer is trying to paint or draw as simple as possible to
come to the essence; one color pencil on paper or oil paint on a
canvas in for example black and white, asking herself one question,
using one binary model, unexpected complex images come into
being. These new features or properties present themselves in spite
of using a ruler, a mold, a computer, a diagram, a text or
mathematics. Soberness is only a feint in technical refinement
of the final work of art, the cause of this lays in matter which is
always more complex than you can imagine.
“In Every Dream Home A Heartache” is an installation by Line
Kramer, consisting of twentytwo modules, that was on display
at the gallery from December 13th 2009 until March 8th 2010.

photos by André Smits and Line Kramer