Lait battu 27/03/10


photo by Max Dereta
Performance by GTB and Nadège Piton (soundtrack by Baraclough)
Opening SI/CO on 27/03/10 at 19h00 Nadège Piton, accompanied by The Lampshade Is Not A Past Tense by Baraclough, had to find her way through Wallgallery’s vernissage crowd towards the facade. She was dressed in ‘foulards’ by Sico Carlier in a fashion by Geerten Ten Bosch that unabled her to see. When she reached the windows she started covering them in buttermilk, crisscrossing the room. The more the view faded the more she undressed and after a good part of an hour Nadège was naked as she covered the last windows. When the view finally was gone the performance ended.

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