NO autumn show


It’s going to be a stormy autumn in Wallgallery. The scheduled show in collaboration with the Danish Cultural Institute in Brussels fell through and this gives us space to rethink the way we let people view art and how this contributes to contemporary developments. Art is precious, especially in these fast times. But we have to find new forms to communicate its meaning, before nobody speaks the language anymore.

One Response to “NO autumn show”

  1. Michel Says:

    These two months without art or rather artists in Wallgallery proved to be very useful. We realized the concept is a bit to strict for our need to grasp the present. Four presentations a year, an ideal frequency to keep the balance between profession and private, don’t have to relate to the actual seasons, they can also be stages in a process of change, a flow of moods or a progression that can each take a day or half a year and even more.

    On the other hand we have to admit i am not the salesman we thought i would be when we started the gallery. Art is not like bread that people need to eat in order to stay alive, it needs a bit more imagination and selling quality to persuade people to commit to paying for a work of art, especially in the privacy of our home. As artists do need bread and art is only fully realized when bought i have to practice bridging art and commerce more, preferably without using tactics of the established art world too much.

    It is clear to us that in times that people try to marginalize the importance of art as a view on society and time we should emphasize this essential quality of art in our gallery. Especially on our location that places art right in the middle of city life, makes the artist aware of the space his or her art needs to occupy to open up the public as the spectator becomes aware of art’s position in society, we must continue to bring content to all that want to turn views into visions.

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