Unstable Situations 02/10/11 – 16/12/11


In Unstable Situations freedom is not just another word for nothing left to loose but meaning is gained from the high and low end of this state of mind. Although people in time of transformation want to hold on to what they know the artists that build the two experimental installations in Wallgallery show instability is essential to become aware of the future.

Upper Station claims the entrance; just as you have been lifted by the elevator you enter a narrow but airy space that changes your perspective dramatically. The view is focussed on a suggestive lift off situation that is characteristic of the painted imagination of  Eveline Visser. Her high end vision guides the spectator into a new world of fantasy.

 photo by Laura Visser

In contrast De polen draaien om! (Poles are turning!) invites you inside to become a voyeur of modern high-rise life. Everyday moments that take place simultaneously are meticulously envisioned in paper. Johan Kleinjan spots the beauty of life in states of banality. His low end fascination for awkward situations takes us beyond shame and may open up possibilities to escape social conventions.

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