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Vincent by Albert van Westing 4/3/12 – 30/4/12


The heart of the matter is round, small parts that form an image: brush-touches, grains, particles. Albert van Westing moves deeper and deeper into art. Beyond his works that trace the sensual skin, that almost seem to caress its subject, his research expands even more into the process of visualization. His sensitive impressions of deeply moving moments that catch life’s transience are now visualized in coarse screens in dazzling color. The dots resonate as undulating circles of a pebble thrown in a pond. They are like fractions of time in which the image is being formed and make us experience the image in a physical way. Looking for serene and casual images that grasp life in a glance made Albert van Westing compose a visual way of, as it were, opening up matter.

Bed & breakfast


Room nr. 330 is a 1:1 mock up of a hotel room in Wallgallery’s lofty space. The second half of SUPPLY, its current presentation by Tom Brown, Henk Gieskens, James Halliwell and Roos Wijma, is represented in this room. The room is realized by occupying for Hotel Rotterdam in order to wake up in art and exists from February 7th until 27th 2012. The price of the room including breakfast is € 40 for one person and € 60 for two. Although occupied the room is open to the public by appointment. 

photo Hilko Visser