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Glitch Glotch by Jochem Rotteveel until Jan. 7th 2013


The art of Jochem Rotteveel is not for eternity. It’s alive and kicking and belongs to the present. But for as much as his images seem to refer to games, packman and pixels he is free in his artistic research of the undefined borders between various disciplines and materials, to further stretch the limitations of expression as we think of as the outcome of history of art. Defined by tape his language goes well beyond what we recognize as art, although his images appeal our visual memory his framework opens up imagination. Is it his fascination with the phenomenon of ‘anti-room’: a space where all borders dissolve, not accessible for humans, yet evoking contemplation and reflection on mortality, that makes him create as if he’s without any fear? His young soul concerned with time and parallel universes does not acknowledge borders between high and low materializations, nor two, three or even more dimensions. The work of Jochem Rotteveel shows us that art is as vital as science for developing visions for the future. In his enthusiasm he not only opens up his own art but through texts he theorizes about the importance of art in our time of transformation, as art opens up impossibilities of real life.