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Collectief Archief; Backlog 2013: 15/03/13 – 19/04/13



Once in a great while Nel Pak and Michel van Adrichem come together in ‘Collectief Archief’ to activate collective memory. This time they create an archive in which they collaborate on a volume of ten years of newspapers that still need to be clipped. The backlog makes them realize that the heyday of paper news is over, resulting in tabloids which extinguished their urge to contain all that the press has to offer. Their image emphasizes love for paper and ink as well as love for papers content that lifted their spirits. Moving matter makes them realize that nowadays information and knowledge is in the air, no need to hold, always available.

The CA’s put their selections from the paper source together in an airy installation that wants to cut loose and lift off into New Times. The collection of old news that they’ve worked on for ten days on location is half static and half dynamic, an image as well as an archive, a work station open to be used. The artists will continue working this paper garden: cutting, sewing, weeding. You are invited to join them, but beware of the implications for the image.