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After the great revealing opening show by Sharvin Ramjan; Oueer Bliss: properties of imagination we decided to move Wallgallery to our country spot in the village of Groede. We realize this movement is not one on one and need time to invent a concept that suits this laid back location next to the sea.


“But when I dream, I dream of vitamins.” (Raymond Carver)



L I E D E K E  K R U K  &   Q. S.  S E R A F I J N

Opens Nov. 27th 15:00, until Jan. 22nd 2017.

finissage 1 juli 2016 17:00


De Tour op 29 juni, zoals aangekondigd, komt te vervallen.

opening May 8th 4pm



Opening Sunday February 28th at 15:00



February 10 – 14th 2016


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Barbara Witteveen/ sculptures

René Roeten/ drawings


Goghflow until February 21st



Zondag 22 november 15:00


Weest hartelijk welkom op zondagmiddag 22 november om 15:00 uur in Wallgallery bij de lezing van René ten Bos, auteur van Water, een geofilosofische geschiedenis ter afsluiting van de tentoonstelling Water en stof.

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Sound Performance



Arf Arf is an ensemble of artists, sound poets, filmmakers from Melbourne Australia. Marcus Bergner, one of the initiators, lived for some years in Europe and was more than once guest of Suburban video lounge with screenings and performances. The group of four: Marcus Bergner, Marisa Stirpe, Frank Lovace and Michael Buckley, is now touring through Europe with old and new works.

Next to their participation in the Brussels and Rotterdam editions of De Player’s Braublff 4, this Sunday performance in Wallgallery will be fully dedicated to the Arf Arf songs, polyphonic sound poems which have been developed by the group over many years and are still being brought to life by means of their very basic scores.

In the home/ gallery of Michel and Han, a large square table will be installed around which the 4 Arf Arf members together with 8 guest performers and 28 visitors will be randomly seated. In line with the group’s open mindedness – other performers and interpretations are always welcome  – each of the invited guest-performers choose a score in order to develop a totally new version of the song, solo or multi-voiced.

Guest performers: Mariëtte Groot / Florian Cramer, G.J. Derook, Myriam van Imschoot, Kathrin Wolkowicz, Vanita and Joe Monk, Peter Fengler, Inge Hoonte and Toine Horvers.


‘We call our pieces ‘songs’ but actually they share many similarities to traps or snares from which we attempt to trick, lure and ultimately mishandle or tease language into traversing and revealing a host of out-of-the-ordinary routes, maneuvers and manifestations.’

(from: Arf Arf Songbook, Marcus Bergner 2015)


Book one of the 28 seats around the table for €10 at:

Water & Dust




Water en stof [Water and Dust] is a duo-show in Wallgallery. On the 37th floor of the Red Apple the river floods the gallery space in the installation with waves of clay, salt objects and graphics by Ellen Rouppe. On the wall drawings and paintings on paper by Geerten Ten Bosch flow. And in the bathroom her co-production with Harriët van Reek Banketje’s Brief no 3 [Banquets Letter No 3] is set for a private viewing.

The opening for which you are cordially invited will be on Sunday September 20th at 15:00. On Sunday November 22nd at 15:00 there will be a talk, in Dutch, on the strange matter that water is by philosopher René ten Bos, author of the book Water, een geofilosofische geschiedenis [Water, a geo-philosophical history] published last year. Ten Bos is professor in philosophy at the Radboud University Nijmegen. You are very welcome to attend this free closing event.