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… and how do people enter Wallgallery?

Museumnachtphoto by Evert Kolpa

Museum Night March 8th 2014

How does the city enter?



Tanneke Barendregt realized a big series of portraits which form a city within Wallgallery. In her body of work we find sculptures depicting animals, head shapes and also shapes of houses. Now, inspired by the view, Tanneke has decided to delve further into her theme of houses. The great height, the city at our feet, this vision of the city in our apartment was the challenge. Deeply moving individuals came to life in wood. Depending on the materials they remain individual houses or become streets. Everyone can find an appealing object in the multitude that opens up the city.

NRC Handelsblad 10/05/13



Luistertafel 14/05/13


luistertafelfoto: Joop Reijngoud

Op 14 mei 2013 maakte een luistertafel in de galerie. Ieder heel uur begon er een luistervoorstelling over het bombardement op Rotterdam en herinneringen aan de tweede wereldoorlog. Ooggetuigen en nabestaanden vertelden hun verhaal en lieten het uitzicht tot leven komen.

Pipi in Backlog 2013


Basel-Rotterdam Rotterdam-Basel


On December 15th RAIR presented the publication ‘Basel-Rotterdam Rotterdam-Basel’ in Wallgallery, a very suitable location since the Rhine that connects the two cities is most prominently part of the view. Although the Basel crowd was lacking the presentation was very lively. Content was further provided by Gerard Drosterij. Speeching in English may sound a bit overdone in a predominantly Dutch crowd but is the consequence of opening up for worldwide exchange.

Art Bomb


Group Visit


A lovely picture of a group of Ladies from Kralingen guided by Pauline Koppen that came to visit the gallery early on a rainy Monday morning.



viewing LIVING January 9th – March 21st


impressions by Egied Simons