Water & Dust

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Water en stof [Water and Dust] is a duo-show in Wallgallery. On the 37th floor of the Red Apple the river floods the gallery space in the installation with waves of clay, salt objects and graphics by Ellen Rouppe. On the wall drawings and paintings on paper by Geerten Ten Bosch flow. And in the bathroom her co-production with Harriët van Reek Banketje’s Brief no 3 [Banquets Letter No 3] is set for a private viewing.

The opening for which you are cordially invited will be on Sunday September 20th at 15:00. On Sunday November 22nd at 15:00 there will be a talk, in Dutch, on the strange matter that water is by philosopher René ten Bos, author of the book Water, een geofilosofische geschiedenis [Water, a geo-philosophical history] published last year. Ten Bos is professor in philosophy at the Radboud University Nijmegen. You are very welcome to attend this free closing event.

Until July 20th

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Thursday May 21 from 17:00 on Kees Christiaanse will be present to introduce his display of watercolors.

until May 31st

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Come Sing!

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Round 3 150px

Acrophobia: September 7th until November 9th

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Paintings by Philippe Caurant 18/05/14 – 13/07/14

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Last chance

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Sunday May 4th from 15:00 until 18:00 was the last chance to experience

In mijn Huis woont een Stad 

In my House a City lives

a site specific installation by Tanneke Barendregt.

We served drinks and there was no queue

as our nocturnal visitors experienced 😉

… and how do people enter Wallgallery?

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Museumnachtphoto by Evert Kolpa

Museum Night March 8th 2014

How does the city enter?

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Tanneke Barendregt realized a big series of portraits which form a city within Wallgallery. In her body of work we find sculptures depicting animals, head shapes and also shapes of houses. Now, inspired by the view, Tanneke has decided to delve further into her theme of houses. The great height, the city at our feet, this vision of the city in our apartment was the challenge. Deeply moving individuals came to life in wood. Depending on the materials they remain individual houses or become streets. Everyone can find an appealing object in the multitude that opens up the city.