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DE PLAYER presented

photo by Léon Richard


with FERNSTEIN (is)

analogue downbeat for refined listening

Friday October 14th
entrance 5 euro
open: 20.00 hrs
start: 21.oo hrs

Fersteinn from Iceland brought us a clear bold construction of tones and notes in space. Their sound seems to come from a completely crushed partiture consisting of pure elements that are ordered in a very uncommon way. Good practise for the ears!

Fersteinn is a quartet of multi-instrumentalists that performs music by composer Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson. The music focuses on elastic rhythms, that are not easily confined to a grid. The musicians read the music from a score, but the score consists of moving images on a computer screen. This is done in order to communicate rhythms not easily notated. The music mostly consists of hockets where each sound is like one letter in a word. With flutes or recorder, plucked string instruments, duck calls and winds or brass, various types of rhythmical sound textures are conveyed. Some parts of the music might resemble animal sounds or the rhythm of animal movements.

To quote the composer: “By intently focusing on small differences, both in rhythm and pitch, the ear gets tuned to a microscopic mode of listening. When things then open up, a new sense of variety is gained.”

For this particular concert DE PLAYER choose to cooperate with Wallgallery, its private situation fits perfectly for this kind of stripped chamber (anti-)music. DE PLAYER is more and more cooperating with other organisations to find just the right context for their program.